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Superior Functional Polymers
for Life Science Applications

Our Offer

Customised Polymer </br>Production

Customised Polymer

We synthesise Polyphosphazenes for research applications on demand. Our strength is the production of defined polymers at a range of molecular weights with tailored chemical and physical properties.
Scaffold Design for </br>Tissue Engineering

Scaffold Design for
Tissue Engineering

We develop, produce and market customised scaffolds for tissue engineering in vitro on demand, that contain biological active components of trophic nature, growth factors, or drugs according to the specific scientific needs of the researcher.
Medical Device </br>Development

Medical Device

We develop and produce implantable biodegradable scaffolds, that support the human organism in regenerating nerves traumatised by accident in that they facilitate a guided growth of nerve fibres, and thus, restore their functionality.

Our Technology

Polyphosphazenes belong to the group of hybrid-inorganic polymers. They consist of alternating phosphorus and nitrogen atoms with two organic or organometallic side groups attached to each phosphorus atom (N=PR1R2)n.

The large variety of side groups that can be attached to the phosphorus atoms define and influence the characteristics of the polymer. They control biostability and bioerosion, hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, solubility, mechanical and thermal properties as well as linkage of biologically active components.

Production and functionalisation:
Post-polymerisation functionalisation of the polymers allows facile adaption of the polymer properties as well as covalent binding of a high density of biologically active compounds. 

The degradation products are a pH neutral and benign mixture of phosphates, ammonium salts and amino acids, that are part of the normal metabolism, either transferred to the energy metabolism of excreted via the kidney.  Whereas polymers of natural origin bear the risk of interacting with the immune system, polyphosphazenes can be prepared that are inert in terms of the immune system.

Superior Functionalised Polymers

offer regeneration a supportive environment

facilitate cellular growth and migration

guide three-dimensional orientation

support tissue differentiation

biodegrade to non-toxic compounds

adapt flexibly to tissue mechanics

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NP Life Science Technologies KG
Superior Functional Polymers for Life Science Applications

Hafenstrasse 47-51, 4020 Linz, Austria

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